Adh Oasis Revisited

adh_oasis_revisited.zip —


TheDark888 has created a very nice bf2 map. This is 1 of 6 that he has created.

Intel reports that some terrorist have setup shop near the abandoned village by the Oasis of Adh. Your mission is to get there and cleanup the village and surroundings of all enemy activity. The terrorists aren’t supposed to be aware of your presence in the area. Move swiftly and get them. Good luck!


5 years ago

Brilliant map. I beta tested for you when you were working with the Mercs mod and  Hayabusa, but you disappeared while we were testing your last map (which I believe was an extension of A Bad surprise.  I do remember you saying you had exams coming up, but you also said you were going to help out with the Korean mod.  Don't know what happened as your website disappeared and you didn't answer my emails.  I hope all went well.   know it been almost 10 years now, but I always considered your maps a cut above most other mappers. not only were


original in their construction, you added a lot of small details that others didn't bother with.  Thanks for all that hard work. I'm just rediscovering your maps.

I stopped playing BF2 around 2010 when family and other games got in the way.