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66038_1.gif The team behind the AirMAPS mod has released their latest version. Check out the change list in the readme.

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Download 'airmaps_v5.71_install.exe' (124.16MB)

- Vehicles dropping is posible on every maps
- Suppression of helicopters's booster
- Flammes have been added on runways of planes's sides
- A new F35, created for stunts
- Inofensives bombs on every planes
- Boats are 2 times faster
- Boosters added on the truck
- Capture flags to decrease the number of tickets is impossible
- Bunny hopping cames back
- Sprint and jump were improved
- More C4, more power
- Radar on planes
- Nuclear rockets launcher
- Change about the skin of J10 (thanks to OBS)
- Change of the loading's music
- Modified texts  (thanks to lkis)
- Rebalancing of tickets on the maps
- Flags can't be capture
- Dalian Plant : Chinese's hangar changed to stop the passage of planes (because there was to much problems on servers)
- Dalian Plant : Addition  of a truck on centrales's point
- Dalian Plant : suppression of Pick Nick's point
- Strike At Karkand : Planes have been added for CMO and US
- New map: Bocage dogfight (thanks to Mr.Burns[GER])

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