Alcazar BF2



Wunerschne Custom Map von Billoute.



5 years ago

Found this among my old back ups. I've been  getting back into BF2 recently (early 2019), rediscovering old custom made maps and discovering new ones.  I have over a terabyte of BF2 maps and mods backed up  onto external drives. I will over the coming months check  to see if you have each map and if not will upload it.  I hope this is acceptable and  permissible?

Hopefully the file I uploaded and the screen captures   were  uploaded correctly?  I've edited some of the screen captures I took while checking to see if the  map still loaded correctly to remove the  message that says ''waiting for  another player to join''  I never got chance to play this map when the BF2 servers were still running 10 - 12 years ago.  

I hope someone with navmeshing experience will navmesh this as it's an amazing city map, with loads of elements  such as  capturing the bridge etc.


5 years ago

Are you able to restore / reupload it at all? I can add the screenshots too. Would be most appreciated! Or re-upload as a new submission and I can get it sorted.