Allied Intent - Windows Server Files

Here are the Windows server files for Allied Intent v0.2.


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Here are the Windows server files for Allied Intent v0.2.

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Download 'aintent2winsrvr.exe' (115.85MB)

*** Allied Intent .2 server files changelog and release notes ***
*** July 4, 2006 ***

Allied Intent .2 server files requires the following:
* Installation of Battlefield 2 Server
* Battlefield 2 Server 1.3 patch (full patch recommended)
* Previous version of mod (Allied Intent .1) uninstalled
- To uninstall Allied Intent .1, delete the subfolder /EA Games/Battlefield 2 Server/mods/aintent/
and remove any "Allied Intent" folders/shortcuts on the Start Menu and Desktop.
* 120MB free disk space on the same hard drive as the Battlefield 2 Server installation

Allied Intent .2 server files installer will search the registry for the Battlefield 2 Server installation keys. On most systems, the installer will find the correct location, and a default installation is appropriated.
* If the installer does not find the correct Battlefield 2 Server installation path, the server files must
be installed into the root of the Battlefield 2 Server (or equivalently named) folder.
* A batch file will run at the end of the server files installation to create the Start Menu & Desktop icons. The file is located in /mods/aintent/misc/finish.bat and can be rerun manually if needed.

For support and discussion, please visit the official website and forums at
* technical support requests must be directed to the official website forums

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Mod - Allied Intent

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Allied Intent is a Community War Game Mod for Battlefield 2. Support for 18 maps including stock BF2 maps, Wake Island 2007, 3 BF2 maps converted to night maps, and 3 new original multiplayer maps....

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