Allied Intent Xtended Client Patch

aix_1.0_to_2.0_patch.exe —


Welcome to the version 2 of Allied Intent Xtended, more commonly known as AIX. This mod focuses mainly on the Single Player/Co-Operative side of gameplay, and thus features some of the best SP gameplay in the Battlefield series. Not only that, but when paired with imtheheadhunter's map pack for AIX, this promises to show some truly amazing SP gameplay. This is the client patch, it will patch you game from version 1.0 to version 2.0. Download this only if you already have version 1.0 of AIX installed.

Note: These are the patch files, they will only work if you have a CLEAN, UNMODIFIED version 1.0 of this mod, if you do not have version 1.0 already installed, do NOT download these files. If you do not have version 1.0, you need the full client files, which can be found here: http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Allied_Intent_Xtended_Mod;95913 and here: [/b] http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Allied_Intent_Xtended_Maps;95924

Note: You also need to make sure to cut all modifications and maps for AIX 1.0 to a new folder before you install this patch, as the patching process will delete them. It would also be preferable that you CUT the files rather than copy them, the reason for this is that the installer may not work properly with the files left in their place.


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