AngryAmoeba's BF2 Wallpaper



Hey there soldiers! Here is a wallpaper for Battlefield 2 by AngryAmoeba! Enjoy!



Wallpapers are for desktop sizes 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480.  Extract the contents of this zip if you have not already done so.  To find out what your desktop size is, right click on your dektop and click "Properties".  Click on the settings tab and near the bottom left it should tell you.  To set the wallpaper, go to the "Desktop" tab and hit "Browse".  Find the location in which you extracted the wallpapers to and click on the one that fits your desktop and then click ok.  Hit apply and then hit ok.  You're finished!

If you have a dektop size larger, I apologize, but I could not get the pictures at high enough resolution to make them in larger sizes.

You are welcome to distribute these wallpapers as you like, but please credit me.  My email is [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for downloading them.


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