Battle of Kirkuk Oilfields (V2.0)

bokof_v2.0.zip —


MEC forces launch a surprise attack in hopes of quickly taking back the kirkuk oil fields. Due to bad weather, aircraft cannot fly, but both sides do have plenty of armor.

shanejohn built a whole new navmesh, a few statics have been moved/deleted/replaced to help the AI get around, vehicle spawns have been adjusted, and several bugs/glitches/things have been fixed/changed



to instal. put the folder "Battle_of_Kirkuk_oilfields" into your /programefiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/bf2/leveles/ folder. if you already have the first version of battle of kirkuk oilfields installed, you will have to delete that first. 

to uninstall, delete the folder "Battle_of_Kirkuk_oilfields"

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