BattleField 2 - Browser Force Paste Tool

forcepaste.zip —


This tool helps you paste text into the BF2 server browser.

This program was made specifically for bf2, of course you can still use it for other things that do not have a edit box, but make sure you stop the program after you get done playing bf2 otherwise normal applications that accept pasting will interfere with mine, the result? A horrifying view of double pasting text being slammed together like mash potatoes and gravy.

Instructions after extracting the entire zip file's contents and running ForcePasteRun.exe:

1) Copy the ip address to the clipboard 2) Launch and/or alt-tab to bf2.exe, go to "Multiplayer" and click "Connect to ip" 3) Press ctrl+V, the ip address should be copied to the edit window 4) Click "Connect" 5) Own every noob in the server

Known Bugs:

- Sometimes ctrl+v will kill a letter due to the fact of ctrl interfering with the key processes and sending a different message as the result.


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