Battlefield 2 editor helper



This is a zipped up file of loads of JPEGS for all the objects in the BF2 editor which should be really handy. But i'm afraid I don't know much about th editor so you will have to read the readme :)



This Tool was made for BF2 editor.
All the objects were photoed by Jpeg.
Since it is divided into the category, it is easy to find the target object.
Since the soldier is also photographing together, the size of an object is also intelligible.
The target object is not found... This file is seen at such time.

1.An object to place on MAP is imagined.
2.The target object is found from the picture divided by the category.
3.A file name will be copied if a cool object is found.
4."+" of the "Resource tab" of LevelEditor is clicked.
5.Next, "Find Resourse" is clicked.
6.The file name copied there is pasted.

*Please thaw "client" and "server" in each MAP folder which is in "\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels" first.
*"Select Startup MOD" which comes out after BF2 editer starting should choose "bf2."
*Since those who are doing MAP work by "Create New MOD" have a folder by the MAP name which you are making in "\Battlefield 2\mods\(your project name) \Levels", carry out copy and paste of the folder into "\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels."
Then, its MAP can be loaded although bf2 is chosen by "Select Startup MOD."
*A possibility that a miswritten word is in a file name

e-mail:[email protected]

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