Battlefield 2 MAX - Server

This is the dedicated server version of Battlefield 2 MAX.


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This is the dedicated server version of Battlefield 2 MAX.

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Download 'bf2max11_server.rar' (28.85MB)

Maps included:

Custom maps:
BF2Max - Warehouse

Edited maps:
BF2Max - Dragon
BF2Max - Oman
BF2Max - Sharqi

Standard maps: (minor changes though)
BF2Max - Karkand
BF2Max - Mashtuur

Weapon changes:

All Assault, Medic and Special Ops weapons have the code from BF2Pro 1.2
All Support, Sniper, Anti-Tank and Engineer weapons have BF2 1.22 code.
Handgrenades is now thrown more accurate but you only have 2.
Assault now have 2 smoke grenades.

Misc changes:

Commander disabled.
UAV, Artillery, Supply Drop and Radar has been removed from all maps.
Crosshair won't dissappear when looking at the sky/sun.
Scores only record deaths and kills, no revives and tk's.


Looking for Modeller/Texture artist that know how to import his/her objects into BF2. Contact

NewmaN - code/maps
Keno - maps

Thanks to:
#bf2.invite for help and whine.

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