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Windows server files for Battlefield 2 Nights mod.


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Battlefield 2: Nights - A Mini-Modification

Why a nights mini mod? This mod is basically my own personal introduction into the Battlefield 2 modding structure. Much thanks to Rex Hill for all his assistance. 


Greg "EsP_187" Stringer


Battlefield 2 version 1.02 RETAIL!!!!


Windows users can simply use the installer. Linux users must extract the bf2nights folder to their 
Battlefield 2/mods folder. Then either: 

- run the "" 
- copy "", "", and "" from "mods/bf2/" to 


Linux users can simply delete the bf2nights folder from their mods folder. Windows users please use the uninstaller!


Visit for more information.

Whats Included?

- Strike at Karkand: Night
- Mashtuur City: Night
- Sharqi Peninsula: Dawn
- New menu movies and music
- New loading music
- and more!

Known Issues

- desert bush growth is not affected by sky.con lighting values
- roads and few other statics were removed because they were also not affected by sky.con lighting values


- Night vision goggles
- Flashlights
- Infrared Laser for some guns
-  Adjust water details

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