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This realism mini-mod for Battlefield 2 was posted on our forums yesterday and caught the eyes of a few people. There are MANY changes to t...


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This realism mini-mod for Battlefield 2 was posted on our forums yesterday and caught the eyes of a few people. There are MANY changes to the game so check out the readme and screenshots for the full details.

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Download 'bfe_066.rar' (15.38MB)

Battlefield Experience (BF:E) .066

New Parachute
M16/M203 Alteration
M16 Alteration
M4 Alteration
M1A2 Tank Alteration

WCP for blood effect
BFEE for mod folder
Garrison for getting the sounds to play right

The team:
Frosty - Mod leader, coder
Garrison - modeller/coder and advisory
Joe Joe - Moddeler and dude who knows comp stuff
MikeAP - Sound effects/weapon sounds
Sniper - Advisory

Special thanks:
[WTF]Slave for realism information and suggestions

Download .06 here

version 0.01

- Changed US and MEC weapons to real life velocity
- Changed US and MEC weapons recoil to be more realistic
- Changed US and MEC weapons damages to be more realistic
- Decreased jump height
- Added manual reload to M1 tank (auto-reload cancels)
- Increased M1 hit points
- Increased M1 projectile damage, reduced impact shock
- Increased M1 acceleration time, increased time between gear changes
- Decreased T90 hit points
- Increased T90 projectile velocity
- Decreased mass of RHIB’s
- Removed rotor blur from H-60 and AH-1
- Increased time of smoke effect after Missiles and Tank rounds
- Decreased C4 damage and explosion impact
- Increased AT mine life and damage
- Increased claymore trigger cone, decreased explosion force

version 0.02

- Increased mass of players
- Increased jump height from previous version
- Increased sprint time
- Increased stamina regeneration time
- Added 5 hit points to “Heavy Player Class”
- Changed player deceleration time to simulate inertia
- Removed parachutes from all but special forces kit
- Tweaked performance of parachutes
- Changed Chinese weapons to Real Life Velocity
- Changed Chinese weapons recoil to be more realistic
- Changed Chinese weapons damages to be more realistic
- Decreased Type95 magazine to 75 rounds
- Decreased RPK-74 magazine to 75 rounds
- Increased volume of guns in 3rd person
- Tank/Aircraft exhaust smoke last longer and generates longer
- Reduce amount of AT ammo carried by AT class
- Increased damage and velocity of AT rockets
- Increased grenade damage but decreased damage area
- Reduced velocity of m203 rounds
- Fixed issue with M1 tank .50 mg recoil in 1st person
- Removed repair and healing ability from supply crates
- Supply crates no longer disappear when they run out of ammo
- Reduced mine damage
- Mines are now triggered by personnel and vehicles

version 0.03

- Added blood effects
- Tweaked bullet hit effects
- Pistol can be used while sprinting
- C4 detonator can be used while sprinting
- Added 3 round burst to MP5
- Added magazines to stationary machineguns
- Increased time vehicle wrecks are left on map
- Reduced velocity of Tunguska cannon rounds
- Increased velocity of Tunguska missiles
- Reduced Tunguska ammo
- Tweaked performance of Tunguska
- Increased time aircraft contrails last
- Reduced hit points on HMMWV
- Increased water tolerance of HMMWV
- Increased max speed and torque of HMMWV
- Increased time between gear changes in HMMWV
- Decreased cupola turn speed on HMMWV
- Increased water tolerance of T90
- Reduced max speed and acceleration for T90
- Reduced cupola turn speed on T90
- Reduce hit points for LAV-25
- Decreased accuracy of Bushmaster 25mm cannon slightly
- Increased Bushmaster 25mm cannon recoil
- Reduced Bushmaster 25mm projectile velocity
- Increased TOW missile velocity
- Reduced turret speed on LAV-25 and M6 Linebacker
- Increased BTR-90 cannon projectile and missile velocity
- Increased gravity modifier for BTR-90
- Reduced max speed and acceleration for BTR-90
- Tweaked in water performance of BTR-90/LAV-25
- Decreased hit points of WZ551
- Increased max speed and torque of WZ551
- Decreased acceleration of WZ551
- Increased hit points of M6
- Increased torque of M6
- Decreased acceleration and turret speed of M6
- Increased velocity of M6 stinger missiles
- Decreased M6 ammo
- Reduce hit points of Type 98
- Increased Type 98 projectile velocity and damage
- Increased gravity modifier of Type 98
- Decreased max speed and acceleration of Type 98
- Decreased turn speed of Type 98
- Increased AH-1Z gun velocity and damage
- AH-1Z gun now penetrates solid and water surfaces
- Added gravity modifiers to AH-1Z rockets
- Tweaked AH-1Z rocket effects
- AH-1Z rockets now fire in full auto
- Increased lift for AH-1Z
- Added 1.85 second delay before exiting fixed wing aircraft
- Increased forward force of parachutes from last version
- Removed ability to heal self in one seat fixed wing aircraft
- Increased strength and flexibility of landing gear for carrier based aircraft
- Tweaked mass and inertia of F35
- Reduced torque and acceleration of F35
- Decreased F35 cannon velocity
- Increased AIM9 velocity
- Decreased acceleration of J-10
- Increased max speed of J-10
- Tweaked inertia of J-10
- Decreased mass and hit points of J-10
- Increased drag of J-10 by 0.01
- Increased J-10 cannon velocity
- Decreased mass and hit points of Mig-29
- Increased drag of Mig-29
- Tweaked inertia of Mig-29
- Decreased Mig-29 cannon velocity
- Increased Mig-29 cannon damage
- Increased max speed and torque of Mig-29
- Decreased acceleration of Mig-29
- Increased mass and hit points of Su-34
- Increased drag and torque of Su-34
- Increased max speed of Su-34
- Decreased acceleration of Su-34
- Increased velocity of KH29 HEDGE TV missiles
- Increased velocity of AA11 Archer missiles
- Increased velocity and damage of Su-34 cannon
- Added gravity modifier to Su-34 cannon
- Increased mass and hit points of F-15
- Increased max speed and torque of F-15
- Decreased acceleration of F-15
- Increased velocity and damage of F-15 cannon
- Added gravity modifier to F-15 cannon
- Increased velocity of AGM65 TV missiles
- Increased mass and drag of F-18
- Increased max speed and torque of F-18
- Decreased acceleration of F-18
- Decreased hit points of F-18
- Tweaked inertia for F-18
- Decreased velocity of F-18 cannon
- Increased damage of F-18 cannon
- Added gravity modifier to F-18 cannon
- Decreased mass and hit points of H-60
- Increased max speed, lift, and torque of H-60
- Increased torque of H-60 tail rotor
- Decreased accuracy of M134
- Increased velocity of M134
- Added gravity modifier to M134

version 0.04

- Fixed SP crash bug
- Optimized mod folder
- Added critical damage system to infantry (bleeding)
- Added laser designator to spec ops
- Gave parachutes to engineers
- Tweaked aircraft inertia values from previous version
- Increased turret and cupola rotation RPM from previous version
- Tweaked player rag doll physics
- Tweaked smoke marker effects
- Tweaked miscellaneous effects

version 0.05

- Added Pilot class
- Reduced bulletproof properties of APC’s and trucks
- Reduced bulletproof properties of aircraft canopy’s
- Reduced acceleration and torque of Vodnik
- Increased acceleration of J-10 from last version
- Increased critical zone for infantry
- Increased mass of rag dolls from last version
- New parachute skin
- Altered M1A2 skin
- Added 3 round burst to Ak101
- Altered M16A2, M16A2/M203 and M4 skins
- Removed decal from US pilot helmet
- Changed most handweapon sounds
- Modified all kits (removed pistol/grenades from most)
- Increased turn speed of helicopter rotor blur
- Added arming delay to M203 Grenades

version 0.06

- Overhauled player kits
- ERYX/SRAW only have 1 rocket
- Increased zoom of M24
- Reduced amount of mags carried by snipers
- Reduced speed of armored vehicles
- Made bleeding more random
- M1A2 now has target rangefinder
- Removed Crosshairs
- Reduced ROF of .50
- Reduced recoil of some weapons
- Added more sounds/removed some too
- Tweaked bullet hit effect for AH-1 Vulcan
- Reoptimized recoil for most weapons
- Made ammo loads for LAV, M1A2 and M2 Bradly reflect real ammo capacities
- Reduced mine trigger radius
- Reduced mine damage and explosion radius
- Increased mass of M1A2 and T90
- Fixed 'shiny weapons' bug
- Added rangefinder to M1A2
- Fixed F-35 bug
- Fixed M1A2 smoke trail bug
- Reduced speed of HMMWV
- Increased Gravity modifier of M1A2 Abrams
- Tweaked mass of all vehicles to real weight
- All weapons have gravity modifiers coded correctly
- Removed pilot class (engineer has parachute)
- Added rangefinder to Bradly
- Added rangefinder to Tunguska
- Fixed messed up AA effect
- Tweaked Grenade effect

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