BattleField2 High Quality Icon

This will change the way your icon looks for bf2.


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This will change the way your icon looks for bf2.

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BF2 High Quality Icon v1.0.7 by NikJEHummer.

\19:43 18.12.2006

Tools used:

BF2 Deluxe Edition original DVD
Adobe Photoshop CS2
MicroAngelo Studio 5.56
..crappy mouse and 2 hours of work on my XPS ;-)


Finaly good looking icon for the coolest game. The icon is in both versions: 32x32 and 48x48 True Colour. 

How to install: 

Just put it in the same directory where BF2 was installed and then in the properties of your shortcut to BF2 
press the Change Icon button and find this one in your BF2's root directory. Apply the new icon and than just 
press OK.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


From Russia with love,
NikJEHummer at yandex dot ru
ICQ: 211966415

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