BF1918 Gulf of Oman - Airshow

Pacman has added COOP support to BF1918's Airshow release.


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Pacman has added COOP support to BF1918's Airshow release.

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Gulf of Omen for battlefield 1918 AIRSHOW.
I dedided to make a map for this mod because it did not have any coop for the soldiers to fly 
these new airplanes and shot the new aa guns as well. I took the map from code busters coop 4
maps pack which is the Gulf of Omen.  I wanted to see if the bots could fly and shot these new
weapons and to my findings they knew how and they fly them just right..I left the us and mec 
flags on the map so you would still have some weapons to shot and I also have some jeeps to 
drive around the map..If the bots all man the airplanes there would be 16 planes in the air at
once. so there is plenty of planes to shot down with the aa guns and the bots will also use the
aa guns against the planes and it is really cool seeing all this happen on this map..So if 
you can't get on line to fly these planes then download this COOP map and run with the bots
they will be glad to fly with you.. Just put this map in the battlefield 1918 levels folder and
and play it in coop..  ONce again thanks to code buster and battlefield 1918 team
for getting this out and to EA and DICE.
You can get ahold of me at for any questions or concerns  thanks PACMAN

PS.This is my first map and if i knew how to get the 1918 objects to see them on my maps I would 
put in the right flags and stuff.. I had to do it all by scratch and if I knew how to rename 
maps like these coop maps I would send more up..but dont know how yet..also how do you get rid of the red lines 
on the maps..just want it all gone..thanks

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