BF1918 - Sharqi Air Show



Pacman is back again with another air show map, this time for Battlefield 1918! Flying in Battlefield 1918 is great, but flying with planes only is even better!



HI Again..Just made another sharqi air show for the 1918 mod sporting
all the planes that they have to offer..Germany against has the FokkerRed
and the Fokker and the UK has CamelGruen and the camel to fight this 
air battle..each side is set to only run 6 planes and there will be 12 
airplanes on the map at one time..this can only be played in the 1918 mod
and works with or without patch..other things-carriers not showing up on 
minimap or spawn screen but they are there..each side has 18 planes on 
the deck to fly and the bots are using all the planes..even aa guns to 
shot as well..might have to turn down your terain down to low for the 
black blocks to disappear off map..i only run my setting at medium and
it loads just fine..I even have the flags right this time around..have 
fun playing and thanks to the 1918 team for putting this out..any questions
you can email me at [email protected]   thanks for downloading my map..

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