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spartan117gw has finnaly released the first version of his mod, if your a singleplayer/coop fan you will Love this mod. This mod changes ski...


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spartan117gw has finnaly released the first version of his mod, if your a singleplayer/coop fan you will Love this mod. This mod changes skins sounds, the bots' skill level, and many other things.

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Download '' (471.32MB)

- New maps, skins, tweaks, and maybe parachuted kit drops are gonna be looked into for final version. And perhaps more content from USI- thanks for you help guedoe!. =)
- Eu and eu weapons, and stuff are already in the mod. but no map we have has eu on them so well be working on making some awsome map packs. BIG spcoop support is always the focus
- overview of bf2assault for new people
- BF2 ASSAULT, is a sp,coop,and mutliplayer mod. it is a community mod made by two devs but with content, and advice, and help from many well known modders and dev teams. BLACK SAND STUDIOS has been a major help with this mod

change list
- health packs only give u 10 percent health when picked up( kiss insta-heal good bye)
- smoke grenades have a better effect and act as LASER GUIDED beacons before they pop)
- new suppressed weapons!
- NEW SKINS US ARMY ACU, REVISED MARPAT, and weapon skins are cleaned up and sharper. and those old weapons just look way cooler now!
- USMC LOGO on m16 from first person. ARMY uses issue #
- NEW SCAR SCOPE=) - uses a red illuminated cross
- lots of tweaks to weapons and vehicles
- when squad leader the commander( if a bot) doesn't spam u with messages any more phew!
- there are 10 maps. all SPCOOPMULTI supported. 3 of which are NIGHT maps

- if you havnt played the mod before. there are thousands of changes not listed here. because. well. il let you experience it for ur self, and the bots are NOT ur avg bf2 bots. if u hate multiplayer then this mod will give u bots thatl whoop you where it hurts. the bots in this mod are simply. freaking awsome. things like spawning into vehicles =), radar on all air vehicles so u dont have to reley on a uav. such things make the game more fun =)

nvg= night vision goggle
- to enable night vision on night maps hit item number 7 button( u need nvgs on before u enter a vehicle to have nvgs on when in one. so if u spawn in one at night u wont have ur nvgs on

Sharqi_Peninsula - NIGHT
Iraq_Oilfields - NIGHT
atom_sp - NIGHT
- benefits to those who would complain
- no rivalries, you get killed doesnt matter who killed you, its the fact that u got killed that mattesr
- no spamming
- no swearing via text.
- u gain a good amount of frames per second
- you have a clean screen and you can kill and find targets faster

minor bugs that have been spotted after repetetive 1500 ticket games.
- bots go nuts
- tank barrel shrinks
- battle recorder doesnt work on oman and daqing
- let us know if u have problems

Theres alot of credit to go around the communty. from the site admins to the devs atother mods. i cant post the credits here cus its really really long. but ingame thier working=) so u can check them out there. Thanks to the site admins, BFSP COMMUNITY, black sand studios! and all the fans, testers

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