BF2 Auto Map Downloader Client



New key-features: * Works on linux-servers, the server doesn't need any extra program. Fileserver-information is configured in the normal BF2-server-config. * Displays the time remaining for all files togheter, not only one file at a time like before. * Displays serverinformation and serverlogo while you are downloading. * Ability to shut down the program automaticly when the download is finished.



*** Battlefield 2 Auto Map Downloader
Version 0.2 Beta


BFDL uses Qstat to query the mapname of the server.

*** Installation:

1. Install the microsoft.NET framework if you don't already have it.

Version 1.1

Version 2.0

2. Extract BFDownloader.exe and qstat.exe to your battlefield2-folder.
This is usually C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\ 
If not, you probably know where it is yourself.

3. (This step is not necessary but if you want to browse servers with autodownload-functionality you should do this.)
Start The All Seeing Eye and goto Tools->Options. Press the tab Games and locate Battlefield 2.
Change the program location to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\BFDownloader.exe

The program probably works with GamespyArcade, xfire and other similar programs also but i don't have them so i can't write any installation-instructions for them.

4. Done, find a server, connect and play.

*** Usage:

When using ASE, just connect to a server like usual.

When connecting to a specific server for clanwars etc, just start BFDownloader.exe, enter the IP and press connect.

Don't be afraid if a black console pops up when you connect to a server, it's supposed to be that way.

*** Known bugs:

* If a download is aborted, all files that already has been downloaded will be left on your computer, next time you try to download the map using BFDL it will tell you you already got the map.
Sollution: delete the map manualy.
* When a server changes map to a custom map, BFDL will not download the map, exit the game and reconnect with BFDL to download it.
* Can't download maps for mods (but since there's a bug in the dedicated server for BF2 that stops you from running mods on dedicated servers there's realy no problem).
* If your internet-connection is lost while downloading a map the download will not continiue when your connection returns. 
* Connecting to a server running custom maps that's not configured for BFDL will cause the program to try to download the map. This will also trigger the first bug in this list.

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