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EDIT: This is an older version, please download the newest version h...


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EDIT: This is an older version, please download the newest version here

This is the second version of my sound mod for BF2. If you have problems installing this mod, reread the readme, it has all the info you will need. Also if your not very good at modding your game, you might want to skip D/Ling this mod. Yes, you will need to delete the first version of the mod before installing this one.

Ive added in several more effects sounds (water explosions, vehicle explosions, arty/bomb explosions, just to name a few), and added/changed a few weapons sounds(m95 sniper, PKM, etc), and also a few misc sounds,(rocket engine, bomb reload, tank reload, etc)

Just like in the first version, crazyace helped out with editing some of the sounds, and several of capt snipers sounds are in this mod also.

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Download '' (41.01MB)

//to install//
if you have the first version of this mod, delete that first.
extract the folder to your /programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/ folder, then add,

fileManager.mountArchive mods/BF2_new-sounds-V2/ Common
fileManager.mountArchive mods/BF2_new-sounds-V2/ Objects

to the top of your clientarchives.con(it would be in your /programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/(mod name)/ folder) you will want to create a back up of the original clientarchives.con and put it in a safe place.

//to disable the mod//

replace your edited clientarchives.con with your backup.(you would be kicked for modded content even if you edited the file back to the way it was.) or if you don't need to worry about playing on servers that are running in pure mode. just add, rem , in front of the 2 lines you added.(delete the, rem , to reinable)

//to remove the mod completely//

replace your edited clientarchives.con with your backup, and delete the BF2_new-sounds-V2 folder.

//credits/misc info//

most weapon and vehicle sounds are from capt snipers sound mod, the rest of the sounds were edited by me, and i got some help from crazyace. I've lost track of where i got my source sounds from. you "can" use this mod in MP, the server just needs to have "pure mode" disabled. a server running in pure mode will have the little green monitor icon next to its name in the server list.

my email is,

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