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BF2Pro has been updated from v1.0 to v1.2. Please see the changelog below.


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BF2Pro has been updated from v1.0 to v1.2. Please see the changelog below.

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Download 'bf2prov1.2.exe' (33.38MB)

Changes relative to BF2Pro 1.0:
Version 1.2
- removed changes that were made redundant by BF2's 1.2 patch (air vehicles, antiair, C4)
- tweaked support ammopacks to reduce grenade spam
- tweaked accuracy for some weapons very slightly
- removed oil tower fires

Changes relative to BF2 1.2:
- maximum accuracy improved for nearly all infantry weapons
- standing and crouching accuracy improved for all bullet weapons except light machineguns
- "full-auto" accuracy penalty increased for all automatic weapons
- jumping accuracy penalty decreased for assault rifles, carbines and submachineguns
- jumping accuracy penalty increased for sniper rifles, light machineguns and grenades
- assault rifle, carbine and light machinegun damage now decreases at ranges beyond 100m
- submachinegun and pistol damage now decreases at ranges beyond 25m
(see bf2pro-changes.txt for exact weapon values)
- support class ammopacks replenish less ammo
- crosshair added to unzoomed sniper HUD to fix hit detection not showing when unzoomed
- dynamic crosshair on HUD now reflects current accuracy more consistently

NOTE: Unlockable weapons remain unchanged, as they are not used in competition

- airplane afterburners deplete significantly faster
- tunguska radar dish no longer blocks crosshair in first person HUD
- airplane HUDs now have a hit detection crosshair

- changed the ticket bleeding behavior of the following 32 player maps: Dragon Valley,
Gulf of Oman, Kubra Dam, Operation Clean Sweep, Sharqi Peninsula, Strike at Karkand
- removed excess vehicles from some 32 player maps
- all plane spawns are now inside hangars, mobile AA vehicles added to some airfields
- Dragon Valley 32 and Kubra Dam 32 are now head-on maps instead of attack/defend
- Gulf of Oman 32 now only has 4 capturable flags and the sides should be much more even
- Zatar Wetlands 16 helicopter removed
- Operation Clean Sweep 16 vehicle amounts tweaked to make the sides more even
- oil tower fires (heat sources) removed from Gulf of Oman and Zatar Wetlands due to
buggy antiair missile tracking
(see bf2pro-changes.txt for a more detailed list of map changes)

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