BF2 Prologue

Here is map 3 of 5 by TheDark888.

Miaoying, Southern China, 5.45 am local time. The two UH-60 received last week has finally been...


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Here is map 3 of 5 by TheDark888.

Miaoying, Southern China, 5.45 am local time. The two UH-60 received last week has finally been re-assembled yesterday, and the last crate of supplies has been unloaded during the night.

Primary Objectives: The Industrial Port. Expect light resistance from the unprepared reserve troops left in the area. Securing the nearby fuel depot would be very wise decision if you don’t want to walk tomorrow.

Intel report: Some hills on you path could be fortified, and shipments of AA ammunitions crates have been tracked to your vicinity. Satellite imaging revealed activity in a nearby village and around the port. Good luck Mercs, you take off in less than 15 minutes.

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4 months ago by Whiterabbit-uk

I can't wait to replay this and other maps by The Dark.  I  was one of his beta testers for most of the maps he created while working with the Mercs mod.   Of all the custom made maps the community made,

his were some of the best,  as good as Jones, iamtheheadhunter and Hayabusa's maps (to name just a few of the brilliant map makers. I've been away from BF2 for almost 8 years  and  due to a serious head injury,  don't remember  all the mappers names, though used to know most, partly because I spent over 2 years documenting  a compilation of all the various mods,  maps and utilities that were available for BF2  spending an inordinate amount of time  adding  links to all the maps and mods with gameplay info  such as  strategies to beat the maps etc  on each map as well as  hyperlinks linking maps to all the mods they worked with and links to all the download sites where you could get the maps.  Sadly virtually all of those links are now dead, and it would take months to work through the 500+ page document etc updating them.  I never released the document as I wanted it to be perfect, but in hindsight, I should have released beta versions as the document did contain a lot of very useful info.  I am still considering uploading all of the battlefield mods and maps I have backed up, then redoing the document as I think it could be a great resource for BF2 fans.  I'm sure  the game will still be popular years from now as they haven't made a game IMO as good as BF2 since (though I do love  the ArmA series) in fact it was the ArmA series from ArmA 2 onwards that took me away from BF2.  

My intention is to set up a permanent server   so that the community can access  everything BF2 (once I've sorted out a few home issues - I was ripped off for over £45 000  by a builder 4 years ago and am still trying to sort that out.  The legal fees have already passed the 10K mark), so setting up a permanent server isn't practical at the moment. The document I spent over 2 years working on virtually every day  became a massive  1GB+  word document (due in part to all the images I'd included of  the maps and in-game  screen captures (despite   reducing the size of the images)  Others  mappers I remember offhand are RayClovis, ShaneJohn, Krysterama, xStax, Stryker, Pacman, spfreak, Froachman (loved his Volcano map) and of course Homegrown (he named one of the  spawn points  on his operation  Veneta map (lol) after me.  Please excuse the waffle, my opiate meds have kicked in and I tent to wander when that happens.


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