BF2 Realism Mod 2.8b (Client)

Here's the latest update to the BF2 Realism Mod. Here's the change log: Version 2.8.0b


- MBTs Turret rotation spee...

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File Description

Here's the latest update to the BF2 Realism Mod. Here's the change log:

Version 2.8.0b


- MBTs Turret rotation speed and turning speed reduced

Stationary/handheld weapons

- Increased velocity/range of 40mm grenades

- Change M82A1 magazines to 4

- M4A1 an AK-74U zooms changed

- Increased accuracy on all guns

- Changed the recoil on all guns

- Changed some sounds for the guns

- Snipers only have 1 Zoom

- Increase accuracy on all .50 caliber HMGs


- Replaced M95 .50 caliber Barrett with M82A1 for US sniper

- Removed Claymore mines from Specops and gave them Grenades instead

- Removed Simrad for the Specops


- Decreased Bleeding damage

- Increased Soldiers mass

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~[Realism Mod V2.8b]~

This is my first mod for BF2, well my first mod for any game for that matter.. 
i usually mod games but never publicly release them, well this is my first.
This has only been tested in Single player. Well i tested it that most of the time.
Now you can play BF2 multiplayer without getting the punk busted message :D
Also credit goes to PayneKillers for adding AT-Mines and Claymores to the AI :D

If you want to change the number of bots to play against, go to bf2_realism\AI and
open up the file with notepad and edit the line: 


Also if you want to modify the numbers of tickets go to bf2_realism\python\games\game-
modes\ and open up the file with notepad and edit the line:

"ticketsTeam1 = 600"
"ticketsTeam2 = 600"


1) Run and bf2_realism 2.8b.exe follow its instructions

2) Run bf2_realism_setup.bat located in Battlefield 2\mods\bf2_realism\levels

3) Create a short-cut of BF2_realism.bat from the bf2_realism folder by right-clicking and click on sendto-> Desktop
Run the shortcut on the desktop to play :D and have fun (full installer coming soon)

4) If server just run the bf2_realism.bat file and the server will start. (Remember that the battlefield 2 launcher can not run 
mods. To change maps or server configs you will need to change the settings within the battlefield 2 launcher, save your modifications
and close out of the launcher then proceed back to the bf2_realism directory and run the bf2_realism.bat or simply create a shortcut
to the desktop. An icon has also been provided, if you do not want to see the default batch icon, to change the icon rightclick-
select properties and change icon, navigate to the icon path.) ENJOY!! 


1) Run the uninstall.exe located in the BF2_realism mod folder or Add/Remove software.


Contact info

Name: Djuice
email: [email protected]

Credit to:

Name: PayneKiller
email: [email protected]
For Minelaying AI

Name: DasRoach 
M82A1 stuff :D

Name: Nathan0490
email: [email protected]
Provided a live server to test it on

Name: Epic (Davis)
email: [email protected]
Modifying files and extensive testing for a running dedicated server (kickass dude) =P

Name: Sir.Polaris
email: [email protected]
For organizing a beta testing team

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