BF2 Realpictures Menu Mod V1.0



This is a nice change from the regular menu backgrounds in BF2. It changes the video to some real still pictures that are quite cool looking.




7 Files included:
** readme.txt 
** examplepic1-4.jpg
*  menu_loggedin.bik 
*  menu.bik

*Files that are important
**files that can be deleted and not used to make the mod work.

This small mod will change your backround movies in your login and logged in screens to pictures.  Some claim this will help your framerate a bit when selecting servers to join or logging in.  I just wanted to see something different for a change.  The pictures used where taken from a military news site.  


To install go to your C:\program files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Movies directory.  

Rename file menu.bik to menu.backup.bik
Rename file menu_loggedin.bik to menu_loggedin.backup.bik 

Copy menu_loggedin.bik and menu.bik from this .zip file to that directory.

This is a simple rename to backup, and insert new file procedure.  If you are not comfortable with it, do not understand my directions, or are fearful of monsters under your bed, DO NOT DO THIS MOD.  

Punkbuster does not seem to mind modfiying these files, as well as some of the startup and splash screens.  If you do not understand how to revert your games files by doing the above directons in reverse, DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD.   I dont want the emails or hate spam because you couldn't figure this out, and then Punkbuster decides to keep you off ranked servers.

I play on ECG ranked servers all day.  This mod does not keep me off ranked servers and does not affect gameplay.  Oh, and to totally state the obvious, this is not a hack or cheat.

I dont have the foggiest idea if this will work with future updates of BF2.  I am currently using v1.1.2484.0  I cant see why it wouldnt work, but now you see why making backups of your modified game files makes sense eh?

Feel free to rip off, steal, destroy, reverse engineer, edit, change, laugh at, or eat this file.  I dont care if you redistribute it on a gay pr0n members only pay website.  I dont care if you give me credit or not, and I really dont want credit if its on the aformentioned website.  Do with it what you will.  


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