Sir. Elxx of The Sir. Community has created a mod that lets you use the BF2 engine to build structu...


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Sir. Elxx of The Sir. Community has created a mod that lets you use the BF2 engine to build structures, set up racetracks, ramps, and much much more. This is all done from an easy Command Rose interface in-game.

0.2 Changelog * Changed object grabbing source from weapon to soldierCamera. This means that idle animations will not cause grabbed objects to fly around. * Converted objects to be compatible with multiplayer. * Added "Freeze" function. * Fixed a small bug with loading. * Fixed bug where object grabbing would stop working after death/vehicle entry. * Fixed crashing on "Clearing" map. * Added Mashtuur City and FuShe Pass. * Made tracer less opaque. * Pallets are now destructible (with C4). * Limited saving/loading/clearing to authorized users in MP.

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Download 'bf2sandbox_0.2.exe' (51.67MB)


Simply run the installer, making sure that you install into your BF2 directory. A desktop shortcut will be created.


You can simply run the 0.2 installer and Sandbox will be updated. Most savefiles from 0.1 will load fine in 0.2.


First, click Multiplayer and Create Local Game. Add the map you want to the rotation, then hit Start Server.

Create a squad and then spawn at a spawnpoint of your choice. Open up your command rose (default Q) and right-click Create Object. Choose an object from the list (left-click/right-click spawn different things on some options) and you will then have it in your grip. You can move it around simply by pointing your gun elsewhere, and you can use the other options on the command rose to further manipulate the object.

You can then leave the object in its place by hitting Drop Object. If you picked up a ragdoll object, right-click the Drop/Freeze button to freeze the object in its place.Then, if you want to spawn another copy of the object (with the same rotation), simply click Create Object.

To save/load your creations, type the following options into the chat:

!save nameofcreation
!load nameofcreation

They will be saved into mods/sandbox/saved/.

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