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The latest version of the popular Battlefield 2 Sandbox mod, version 0.4, has been released. This version sports tons of new features and ob...


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The latest version of the popular Battlefield 2 Sandbox mod, version 0.4, has been released. This version sports tons of new features and objects, including all of the vehicles and aircraft, and the lag experienced during previous online games has been reduced by 75%! The creator of the Sandbox mod is Sir. Elxx of The Sir. Community,

Also pertinent to the release is a fan site dedicated to the Sandbox modifications!

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Download 'bf2sandbox_0.4.exe' (59.42MB)

BF2:Sandbox Readme
January 15, 2007
Make sure “Word Wrap”
is turned on in your
text editor.
A more complete
will be made available,
time permitting, at


Simply run the installer, making sure that you install into your BF2 directory. A desktop shortcut will be created.


You will need to uninstall the previous version of Sandbox before you run the 0.4 installer. All your saved creations will be preserved, don’t worry!


First, click Multiplayer and Create Local Game. Add the map you want to the rotation, then hit Start Server.

Create a squad and then spawn at a spawnpoint of your choice. Open up the Server/Player info screen (default Tab) to get a list of the spawnable objects. Right-click to gain mouse control. Click on an object you wish to create and take your finger off Tab. You will then have it in your grip. You can move it around simply by pointing your gun, and you can use the other options on the command rose to further manipulate the object.

You can then leave the object in its place by hitting Drop Object. If you picked up a ragdoll object, right-click the Drop/Freeze button to freeze the object in its place. Then, if you want to spawn another copy of the object (with the same rotation), simply click Create Object.

To save/load your creations, type the following options into the chat:

@save nameofcreation
@load nameofcreation

They will be saved into mods/sandbox/saved/.


In [mods/sandbox/settings/sandbox.con], you need to set an admin or two, this specifies who can save/clear the sandbox while in MP mode as well as use the Admin Tools.

Due to limitations in the BF2 engine, there are a few differences between SP and MP games:
* The distance of the visual tracer (white circle) does not change.
* Ladders cannot be spawned in Multiplayer.

Sir. Elxx - Mod Leader
Sir. AAK625 - Public Relations

Special thanks to gethegrace for the excellent Sandbox icon.

0.4 Beta Testers:
Sir. AAK625
Sir. abjam
Sir. Akland
Sir. Archer
Sir. Kain
Sir. MatDef
Sir. NAM-Legolas
Sir. SNiperAlo
Sir. VaSs
Sir. Xalias

* Improved grabbing mode - most static objects respond almost instantly in multiplayer.
* Loading now works fully in multiplayer.
* Undo now works in multiplayer.
* Spawnable spawn points
* Enhanced grabbing mode added for easier fine-tuning (using squad commrose, you can swap back to the old one)
* Much improved snap-to-grid function
* “Reset Rotation” function to complement snap-to-grid
* Right-clicking “Reset Rotation” will save the current object’s rotation and reset to that the next time the button is pressed. This lasts until you right-click again.
* Export to .con function (@savecon)
* Better detection of local/dedicated servers
* New tabbed spawn menu.
* Changed a few objects.
* Added (almost) all of the BF2 vehicles.
* Added all of the BF2 maps.
* All typed (chat) functions now use @ instead of ! as a prefix.
* Removed Soccer gamemode, may return as an add-on later.

==================================== Code Labs - Sandbox development news

The Sir. Community


Sandbox Addicted - Sandbox community for discussion and sharing your creations

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