Patch 1.2 Alpha Video has recently done a preview for the Battlefield 2 1.2 patch. Take a look,

The Patch in general....


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File Description has recently done a preview for the Battlefield 2 1.2 patch. Take a look,

The Patch in general. The Patch have a solid feeling with alot of new gamechanges but also a few bugs that we hope is going to be fixed before they release it ( thats why we is testing it so ). The patch with my words: The game will be more realistic, more rigid and more balanced.

A little more about the patch. Besides getting a little better FPS in BF2, the textures looks a little better and the sound is slightly better. We also got a new patching software and you can finally copy and paste IP into BF2 ingamebrowser. A precise date for the release isn¡¦t decided but I would guess at least 2 more weeks.

About the future. Patch 1.2 will be a patch, as always, that will be loved by some and hated by other. The game will be more like BF1942 and DICE have made the game less buggyjumy and dolphin divy. You will feel a different by not be able to jump and dive in the air but I think most people will get used to this very fast.

How will the classspred be?

*Public: I think Spec Ops and Assualt will be the most used classes but also alot more medics and a big increase in the using of Support and Sniper. The movie Jarhead will probably produce a wave of snipers ļ

*Clanwars: With the weakening of Spec Ops and Assualt there will be more Medics and Anit-tanks out there an the support is more accurate that will increase use of that class. The COMM¡'s supply will be used more!

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