BF2 Team America Background v1

bf2_team_america_background_v1.zip —


Description: This makes the background of your menu the opening movie of BF2 and it also plays the Team America music. *Explicit Language* This one is much easier to install than the one I uploaded yesterday. I have finally mastered the WinRar files. ;)



This is a really cool movie background for BF2
it's pretty much the trailer video that came
out before BF2 did, with Team America music...
It's Awesome, The music is synced with the video.

All you have to do is extract this into your
"*\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Movies" folder.
It replaces the intro.bik and the Background
after you login(menu_loggedin.bik)

Make sure you make a backup of the original
if you want to go back.

Also Make sure to go into options->Audio->
the turn the menu music volume all the way
down, so you can hear the music in the

Created By: Cpt_Night aka Cpt. Night
A WTF production
in association with...
Cpt. Productions Ltd.

Note: This file can be distributed on any format
But may not be changed or edited in any way
without my permission...

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