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Here is the latest version of BF2Pro.


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Here is the latest version of BF2Pro.

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Download 'bf2pro-1.5.exe' (26.23MB)

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1 year ago by Whiterabbit-uk

I like most of the changes made to this mod over time. 

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BF2Pro has been updated from v1.0 to v1.2. Please see the changelog below.


January 30, 2007
By Chris "ginc" Polan -



What is BF2Pro?

BF2Pro is a modification for Battlefield 2 that aims to enhance gameplay, and in particular to make
it more fun, strategic and challenging in competition. It's purpose is not to create a new kind of
game, but to keep the general feel of Battlefield 2 intact. In other words, this mod should feel
more like a patch for vanilla Battlefield 2 than a new game.


Installing BF2Pro

BF2Pro 1.5 requires a working installation of Battlefield 2 v1.2 (or later) to run correctly.
At the time of this release, the latest version is 1.41.
Make sure you have your game patched.

The BF2Pro client and server use the same files. These files can be downloaded in either a Windows
installer, or a Zip file.


Run the installer and follow the instructions.
Make sure that the install path matches the path where Battlefield 2 is installed - the default
path shown by the installer should be fine if your installation of Battlefield 2 is working.


If you are unable to run Windows installers on your game server, you must use the zip file to
install BF2Pro on your BF2 server. Depending on your server configuration and provider, there can
be multiple ways to do this: 

1. Upload the zip file to the Battlefield 2 server folder on your BF2 server and unzip it remotely.
2. Unzip the zip file to a temporary folder on your computer and upload the contents to your
Battlefield 2 server folder via FTP.
3. Ask your server provider to install the files for you.

Method #1 is probably the easiest, but it requires either SSH/FTP access (Linux) or a control
panel with a file manager that can unzip files.

Method #2 will work on just about any BF2 server, it requires FTP access.
Method #3 is a last resort for people with bad game server providers :>


Running BF2Pro

Note that the server config file when running BF2Pro is in the /mods/bf2pro/settings folder.
Edit the serversettings.con file in that folder to set up your server settings.


To run a BF2Pro server, add "+modPath mods/bf2pro" to the BF2 server command line. 

Some examples: 

Windows Server: D:\Battlefield 2 Server\bf2_w32ded.exe +modPath mods/bf2pro
Linux Server: ./ +modPath mods/bf2pro


Editing the BF2 command line on some game servers may not be possible without help from the server
support staff, as some providers don't have a command line editing feature on their control panels.
If your provider's control panel lacks this feature, ask if it can be added.


BF2CC is an alternative to direct command line editing. The BF2CC Daemon is able to run BF2 mods
such as BF2Pro, however that is beyond the scope of this readme. 

See to download this program and/or get information on using it to run mods.


There are multiple ways to run BF2Pro on the client side.

The Windows installer will create shortcuts for running BF2Pro on the desktop and/or start menu
if those options are selected.


Clients can also activate the BF2Pro mod in the Commmunity -> Custom Games menu. This will
restart BF2.


Joining a server that is running BF2Pro will activate the mod automatically.
Be patient - BF2 will restart itself if it is initially launched in vanilla BF2, and this may
result in a black screen for 5-10 seconds while BF2 connects to the login server again.


Uninstalling BF2Pro

Run the uninstaller. If you created Start menu icons when you installed, there will be an uninstall
shortcut in the Start menu. If you didn't create the icons, run "bf2pro-uninstall.exe" (in your
Battlefield 2 folder). If this fails for some reason, just delete the mods/bf2pro folder.

Delete the /mods/bf2pro directory of your Battlefield 2 installation.

Changes from BF2Pro 1.4 to BF2Pro 1.5

- Max number of medpacks per player in the world reduced from 5 to 2
- Medic now carries 2 handgrenades instead of 3
- Ammopack ammo amount increased back to default 100% (this fixes a bug with ammo replenishing)
- Ammopack cost increased from 25% to 45% charge
- Assault now carries 2 smokegrenades instead of 1
- Kit drop delay removed, this fixes the "kit switch on revive" bug


- Number of TV missiles increased back up to 5
- TV missile damage vs helicopters reduced to 810 (~93%, critical damage)
NOTE: This means that helos will die to a single TV missile in midair, but be able to survive one hit
from full health if on a repair pad.
- Hard-armored vehicles (APCs, mobile AA, tanks, helicopters, planes) are now immune
to TV missile splash damage
- Air vehicles are now immune to artillery splash damage
- Tank shell damage vs helicopters increased from 750 to 800 (critical damage)

- AA vehicles on Daqing Oilfields changed back to heavy jeeps
- Tweaked China main base spawns on Daqing Oilfields

\* Changes from regular BF2 to BF2Pro

Gun Accuracy
- M16 base deviation reduced from 0.3° to 0.2° (similar to the M4)
- M16 deviation per bullet reduced from 0.2° to 0.17°
- AK-101 and AK-47 base deviation reduced from 0.45° to 0.32° (similar to the old M16)
- Type95 LMG and RPK-74 base deviation reduced from 0.4° to 0.25°
- M249 SAW base deviation reduced from 0.3° to 0.25°
- Type95 LMG and RPK-74 deviation from firing increased slightly
- M249 SAW deviation from firing decreased slightly (the LMGs should be evenly balanced now)
- Sniper rifle base deviation reduced from 5° to 2° (zoomed deviation also reduced proportionally)
- Submachinegun base deviation reduced from 0.6° to 0.4°
Reason: Computer-generated randomness is generally bad for competitive FPS games. These changes
reduce the randomness on the "first shot" for most weapons, and reward good aim.
The M16/AK balance should be better, as well as the balance between light machineguns.


Range/Damage Modifiers
- Assault rifle, carbine and light machinegun damage decreases gradually at ranges beyond 75m
- Submachinegun and pistol damage decreases gradually at ranges beyond 40m
Reason: These changes prevent the gun accuracy increases from making the guns too powerful at longer
ranges. The guns should be less random but just about as effective as in regular BF2.
Note that the sniper rifle has no range modifier and does the same damage at any range.


- Light soldier class sprint amount increased from 10 to 12 seconds
- Heavy soldier sprint amount increased from 8 to 10 seconds
Reason: Players have been asking for a longer sprint time for a while, and since the BF2 1.4 patch
"slows down" infantry movement with its proning restrictions, this is as good a time as any
to give infantry more sprinting time.
- Kit drop delay removed (previously 4 seconds)
Reason: This fixes the "kit switch on revive" bug, which allowed players to switch classes and/or
regain full ammo without respawning.


- Grenade launcher base deviation reduced from 1° to 0.5°
- Number of rifle grenades carried reduced from 5 to 4
- Handgrenade deviation reduced from 2° to 1°
- Number of handgrenades carried reduced from 4 to 3 (2 for the medic, see below)
Reason: Both handgrenades and rifle grenades are inaccurate, almost to the point of unreliability
in regular BF2. By increasing accuracy while reducing the amount, good aim is rewarded and
"spamming" is less effective.


- SMG rate-of-fire reduced from 15/sec to 10/sec
Reason: This reduces the damage-per-second output of the anti-tank submachinegun. The bullet weapons
of the Assault, Medic, Support, Sniper and Anti-Tank classes all have improved accuracy, but
the Anti-Tank class is the only one in this group that is effective against vehicles. In
fact, the AT class is the best anti-vehicle class in BF2. In order to preserve and even
improve class balance over regular BF2, the AT class should be markedly weaker in infantry
combat than the non-vehicle killing classes. Otherwise, the result would be oversimplified
"all anti-tank" strategies (which are already quite prevalent in regular BF2).


- Ammopacks now refill 100% ammo again (like regular BF2), but cost 45% charge
Reason: This fixes an ammo replenishing bug with some weapons.


- Medic ability recharge rate reduced from 5% to 3% per second
- Max number of medpacks per player in the world reduced from 5 to 2
Reason: These changes reduce the effectiveness of medpack stacking.
- Medic assault rifle magazine amount lowered from 5 to 4
- Medic now carries 2 handgrenades instead of 3 or 4
Reason: These changes make the medic rely on ammopacks/supply boxes to rearm, encouraging more
class balance and teamwork.


- Engineer in-vehicle repair aura rate reduced from 10% to 8% per second (note: wrench is unchanged)
 Grouped vehicles currently repair each other too quickly, leading to "all anti-tank"
strategies. If less anti-tank are going to be used due to the accuracy boosts of other
classes, then slightly less anti-tank should be required to destroy vehicles.


- Number of TV missiles reduced from 8 to 5
- Dumbfire rocket magazine reload time decreased from 8 to 5 seconds
Reason: Lowering the amount of TV missiles means the helo must reload more often, which means less
altitude whoring. The faster reload on rockets allows for more aggressive play.
- TV missiles now do 90% damage to helicopters (critical damage)
Reason: This change makes it more difficult to spawn camp enemy helicopters with TV missiles.
A full health helo can survive a single TV missile if sitting on a repair pad and nothing else
is shooting it, otherwise it will die.
- Helicopters are now immune to artillery splash damage
Reason: This change reduces the effectiveness of artillery against grounded helos. Helos will more
often than not survive an artillery barrage.
- Hard-armored vehicles (APCs, mobile AA, tanks, helicopters, planes) are now immune
to TV missile splash damage
Reason: This was necessary


- Crosshair added to unzoomed sniper HUD to fix hit detection not showing when unzoomed
- Infantry crosshair tweaked for some weapons to match the player's accuracy more closely
- Tunguska radar dish no longer blocks crosshair in first person HUD
- Airplane HUDs now have a hit detection crosshair
Reason: Cosmetic changes that make for a better HUD.


- Looping point for the gunfire sound for some automatic weapons tweaked to fix sound sync
Reason: In regular BF2, the gunfire sound loop for most automatic weapons does not match up with
the actual firing of bullets. For example, the AK-101 sometimes plays 2 firing sounds
even though only one bullet was fired. BF2Pro fixes this problem by adjusting the loop
marker in the gunfire sound files to match the guns' rates of fire. This makes gunfire
sound consistent with bullets fired, and makes burst firing more intuitive.


- See bf2pro-mapchanges.txt for a list of changes to the original BF2 maps


Possible future changes


We plan to make this mod as stable and competition-ready as possible, so the main priority is
fixing any bugs and correcting balance problems that pop up. If you know of any bugs or problems,
please contact us via email, IRC or the BF2Pro forum (see the top of this readme).


BF2Pro version history


Version 1.5
- reduced number of medic handgrenades to 2
- tweaked support ammopacks to fix a bug
- tweaked tv missile damage vs helicopters and added another missile
- added another smokegrenade
- tweaked medpack amount allowed in world
- fixed kit revive bug
- more tweaks to daqing 16

Version 1.43
- fixed gamelogicinit.con to allow sv.noVehicles to work
- map changes to daqing oilfields 16

Version 1.42
- fixed 1.41 bug with infantry crosshair appearance on some guns
- pushed back range modifiers to a more acceptable range
- slightly increased amount of sprint time for infantry
- removed .desc files for custom maps because bad XML formatting was breaking BF2CC

Version 1.41
- rebalanced LMG accuracy
- increased engineer repair aura from previous version slightly
- fixed automatic gunfire sound glitches from regular BF2
- increased SMG accuracy but lowered rate-of-fire
- re-added range modifiers to most bullet weapons
- took away one medic assault rifle magazine
- made changes to Zatar Wetlands 16

Version 1.4
- reduced LMG base deviation
- reduced grenade deviation
- reduced number of grenades carried
- reduced medic charge rate
- reduced engineer repair aura rate
- removed HUD crosshair changes from unaffected weapons

Version 1.22
- removed unnecessary accuracy changes to most guns (should be much closer to vanilla BF2 now)
- divided main base spawns into selectable groups on most maps

Version 1.2
- removed changes that were made redundant by BF2's 1.2 patch (air vehicles, antiair, C4)
- tweaked support ammopacks to reduce grenade spam
- tweaked accuracy for some weapons very slightly
- removed oil tower fires

Version 1.0
- packaged mod in an installer (for windows)
- c4 can no longer be defused (reverted to original state)
- reverted Zatar Wetlands 16 back to original state, minus helicopter
- tweaked Kubra Dam
- tweaked accuracy for hand grenades, smoke grenades and grenade launchers
- tweaked fullauto and jumping accuracy to be closer to that of regular BF2

Beta 5 (RC1):
- fixed case-sensitivity of file and folder names for linux server compatibility
- fixed hit detection on airplane HUDs
- tweaked jumping accuracy penalty
- tweaked c4: shorter throw distance, can be defused with engineer wrench
- made landmines and claymores indestructible again
- reduced filesize of map modifications

Beta 4:
- tweaked various map versions
- tweaked antiair weapons
- fixed tunguska HUD

Beta 3 (first public beta):
- fixed tank shell damage vs helicopters being inconsistent with damage listed in readme
- removed unnecessary material definition file from
- cleaned up readme files a bit

Beta 2:
- updated mod to take advantage of 1.03's map sharing with stock BF2 maps
- added range modifiers to some guns
- tweaked dynamic crosshair
- tweaked blackhawk minigun and TV guided missiles

Beta 1:
- initial release (internal)

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