BFToolBox v2.0

BFToolBox the server browser and buddy tracker for Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142.

BFToolBox 2.0 is an alternative solution to popula...


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BFToolBox the server browser and buddy tracker for Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142.

BFToolBox 2.0 is an alternative solution to popular server browsers like All Seeing Eye, HLSW and especially the server selection interface in Battlefield. The incorporated buddy tracker allows for tracking of other players without additional server login.

High value has been set on simplicity and clarity. BFToolBox unfolds its range of functions without complicated adjustments, registrations or network- and router settings.

Download, extract, start BFToolBox and the fun begins….

Additionally, you will find features that most server browsers lack, for example managing of favourites or history defined in Battlefield. List of features: The Serverbrowser

* easy and clear filter settings * server list shows the actual state of the game servers according to the filter settings * sorting of server list by different server variables * detailed description with all server variables, including a picture of the game sever as well as a mini map and panorama picture of the map * screening of server list with “ctrl +F†* filter by different mods and custom-maps * list of current players of each game server * double clicking on a server starts the respective Battlefield game and connects to the game server without additional login

Favourites and profiles

* management of servers * ame servers can simply be added by drag&drop to BFToolBox list of favourites or battlefield profiles * game servers of battlefield profiles can be copied to the list of favourites of BFToolBox * online search allows directed search for game servers to be added to favourites or profiles * manual addition of game servers * import of HLSW server lists

The Buddytracker

* view online status as well as current game server of your buddies * right click on an online buddy provides the option to join the game server * buddies can be added from server list, by online search or manually

General features

* movie-disabler allows easy de/activation of in-game opening and background movies in Battlefield * compatible to all mods in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 * setting of additional start options for bf2.exe und bf2142.exe * detailed and concise help * update function to receive upcoming BFToolBox versions and upgrades * high stability, system security and compatibility achieved by the use of Microsoft® Framework 2.0 * available in English and German (additional languages languages will follow)

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