Black Hawk Takedown

A Black Hawk flies across Mashtuur City and gets shot down.


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A Black Hawk flies across Mashtuur City and gets shot down.

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Black Hawk Takedown

A UKSO Clan Video

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The US 10th Mountian devision attempt to secure the the MEC stronghold known as Mashturr City as part of Operation Steel Wind

Operation Steel Wind - Day 3:
The 10th Mountian devision have encountered heavy resistance from MEC forces for the past 2 days. Colonel William Granger has authorised the use of a Black Hawk helicopter as well as additional ground forces to re-enforce the 10th mountian devision and assist in the takeover of Mashturr City.

Unkown to the US forces, the MEC have also recieved some light re-enforcements in the form os a squad of RPG and HMG troops. US intelligence sweeps and ariel recon has failed to spot these troops and send in their Black Hawk.....


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Ok, this is my first video made in BF2, i'm still learning howto use the BF2 Battle Recorder. I'm also using a new editing package, so go easy on me:D

CONSTRUCTIVE critisism welcome as i hope to make bigger and better video's in the future ;)


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