BlackHawk Hunt

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This map stays true to it's name with several BlackHawk helicopters in the hunt on a nicely made map.



BlackHawkHunt Version 1.1

1.1 Changes :
- removed bugs in RangersHQ
- adjusted fog
- adjusted view distance
- Changed loading screen

1.0 Changes :
- added UH-60 crash site
- added vehicules
- added flag poles (still a bug with flags)
- added TOWs
- swimming pool is now empty
- removed known holes, bumps, flying structures and bugs...
- RangersHQ is now capturable
- Changes in RangersHQ
- chineses voices changed to MECs
- changed sky and lightning
- added fog
- decreased view distance

Installation : 
- Extract \BlacHawkHunt in ..\mods\bf2\levels\
- run a MULTIPLAYER game

note : If it crashes, try setting graphic details to medium or high.

Credits : 
DaSniper Taw for his help.
Everyone who helped me finding bugs.

Legal notice : 
Please dont modify or link this one to another website without my permission.
You are free to run the map on any server you wish.

Made by Stouf
Report any comments or job offers to :
[email protected]

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