Bloody Unlock Mod

A mod that adds the unlock weapons as normal ones, adds blood and removes the intro movies.


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A mod that adds the unlock weapons as normal ones, adds blood and removes the intro movies.

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General Info:
Game: Battlefield 2
MOD Name: Bloody Unlock
Author: Desecrator
Contact: spod13 AT lycos DOT com
Gametypes: Multiplayer & Singleplayer

I know the thanks normally are near the end of the readme but
without these people I would not have been able to make this MOD. 

Wolfi - For the Unlock_EuFor_Weapon_Test_MOD
	Contact: mWolframm AT uboot DOT com
		 132184 AT gmail DOT com

AF1_PURPLESKULL - For the BloodPuff MOD
		  Contact: AF1_PURPLESKULL AT hotmail DOT com
		  Extra: I have e-mailed you for permission to
			 use your MOD but I got no reply. There
			 was no legal notice to say I must ask.
			 So, Thanks.

Additional Information:
1. This MOD unlocks all 1st tier Weapons for USMC, China, MEC, EU.
	Anti-Tank	- DAO-12
	Assault		- G3
	Engineer	- MK3A1
	Medic		- L85A1
	Sniper		- M95
	Spec Ops	- G36C
	Support		- PKM

2. Added a nice blood effect. Check the Screenshots.

3. Intro movies have been removed.

4. No need to copy maps over.
	BF2 Maps:				Custom Co-op Maps: (with bot support, not included)
		Dalian Plant					1941				                Mekong Delta
		Daqing Oilfields			     Abandoned Village			 Melbourne co-op
		Dragon Valley				      Al Khafji Docks			       Midway
		FuShe Pass				     Back To The Suribachi	       Nowhere To Hide
		Gulf Of Oman				     Cliff Attack			            Operation Fox
		Highway Tampa				 Course Of The River		    Operation Vendetta
		Kubra Dam				      Cult Site				            Stream
		Mashtuur City				       Forest Railway			      Street
		Operation Clean Sweep		    Hangar 04 - 2006			Terminus
		Road To Jalalabad			 Heaven And Hell Revisited   The Day After Tomorrow
		Sharqi Peninsula			   Husky				        Urban Jungle
		Songhua Stalemate		       Iwo Jima				          Urban Raid
		Strike At Karkand			    Jordan Valley		             Water Treatment Plant
		Wake Island 2007			 Market Garden 2006
		Zatar Wetlands				    Maszarqi Siege Coop
   All you need to do is download the maps and put them into your
	"Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels" folder. No need for duplicating.

   If there are any other maps you wish to add, you will need to copy them into the 
	"Battlefield 2\mods\BloodyUnlock\Levels" folder.

   If you don't want to download or have some maps showing, just delete them from the 
	"Battlefield 2\mods\BloodyUnlock\Levels" folder.

   The custom co-op maps can be downloaded from:;1948760;/browsefiles.html
   Thanks to all the people involved in making these great Co-op maps.

5. This MOD works with BF2 1.41. I have not tested it with other versions or MODs.

1. Place the "BloodyUnlock" folder in your Battlefield 2 mod folder. 
	E.G. C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods

2. Add this "+modPath mods/BloodyUnlock +fullscreen 1" (exclude the ") to a new BF2 Shortcut.
	E.G. "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +modPath mods/BloodyUnlock +fullscreen 1

Copyright / Permissions:

Copyright and Distribution.

As this MOD is freeware you are permitted to distribute
this archive subject to the following conditions,

- The archive must be distributed without modification to the
contents of the archive. Redistributing this archive with any files
added, removed or modified is prohibited.

- The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another
archive without the prior permission of the author is prohibited.

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