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Boat Racing Stunts

Here is a very nice looking BF2 Stunts Map created by Sir. Karate. Race your friends to see who can finish first!


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Here is a very nice looking BF2 Stunts Map created by Sir. Karate. Race your friends to see who can finish first!

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Welcome to boat racing stunts, this is a fly boys stunt style map,on this map you can race on water, and on 2 jeep race tracks, also fly thru lots of bridges, dams, pipes and hangers or even bail loops in many areas. 

**2 land race tracks,the main one starts on the lower ground, then you make you way up thru dams and bridges, on the highier ground, then you make your way back down the mountain,going across many bridges, (no wreakable objects on tracks)The next track is set to go around the top part of the mountain.

**Air course, this is stunt mans path to death, if you cant fly,or you will learn in this map, as you will have to fly thru hangers, dock cranes, mountain path peaks, 3 dams, 10 plus bridges,a ship set on to 2 163 metre peaks,i managed to pull of 20 plus loops,etc,

**Sky dive from 1300 metres of a ship, you can drop down to another ship furthur down, or just sky dive down to the ground

**Smash ups, the name speaks it self.

**drop down, you can drop thru a pipe, by jeep or para drop.

**slip and slide down some sloped hills 

**Water race way

**16 jets,lots of other transport to keep you going.

Tips, type this in your ~ key. Sv.numPlayersNeededToStart 1  this will remove the one player needed.
great care has been taken to play this map in normal mode of bf2. however in some areas to stunt you need the great STUNTS MOD made by Zypher,this mod has what you need to stunt, a endless supply of TNT,his mod is up to 1.52.

**the map name is in lower casing for easy install to start up a serva, i would like to thank the people who have put my other maps on servas, big thanks. also the great support from the Sir. Community, and all others for your support too.
you can find me at Totalbf2 forums. 

install into your levels folder.

Map made by Sir.Karate hand.11.11.05.

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