Body Stay



Well now, here's an interesting mod for Battlefield 2. Ever want your enemies corpses to lay while you torture them? Now you can! This modification by Captain Haddock will do just that, allow corpses to stay for long periods of time, rather than disappearing very quickly.




here's my first modification for bf2

it just make all cadavers stay for a long long time in the game.


put the Objects_body.zip i give you in this directory: EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 (don't extract it!!!)

then open the ServerArchives.con files and put this line:

fileManager.mountArchive Objects_body.zip Objects

like this:

fileManager.mountArchive Objects_body.zip Objects
fileManager.mountArchive Objects_server.zip Objects
fileManager.mountArchive Menu_server.zip Menu
fileManager.mountArchive Common_server.zip Common

that's it

to play without bodystay just remove this line.

I think this will work with all mods which have chinese, mec and us soldiers. don't try it with other.

I'd like to thanks the one who did that for bf1942 because he made me crazy with it (and he did 
that better than me).

Special thanks to all the bf2filefront team for your work.

Thanks to my friend murdock to be the first victim of my modifications

of course use it at your own risk blablabla

sorry for my english, i'm french.


tell my what you think of this stuff, i really want to know:

[email protected]

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