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SatNav Of the Battlefield Singleplayer Community has created a clusterbomb.

here's the CBU_87 clusterbomb. install the files,ie extract the folders from the zips and drop them into the same place in your zips. or make a new folder in the main mod dir and put the zips into it and add new archive lines to the archive files.replace the bombs on a jet etc. not recomended to drop more than 1 at a time since each deploys approx 200 bomlets. dets via a 3 second timer so don't drop them to low. if you have a low spec PC and are get lag you can just the amount of bomlets by lowering the intensity value in the em_blu_xx_emitter templates. only been tested in SP so may not work in mp or coop. you will get no kill messege from the bombs therefore no kill points.

Here is a video of it being dropped by a F-16

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Download 'cbu_87.zip' (233KB)

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