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We have version 3.0 of the hugely successful COOP mod for Battlefield 2. Even more new changes are in this edition and it's ready to downlo...


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We have version 3.0 of the hugely successful COOP mod for Battlefield 2. Even more new changes are in this edition and it's ready to download and play!

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Download '' (40.21MB)

General Changes

* mods done to fresh 1.02 patched files
* Bot difficulty up from .5 to 8
* 30 bots up to 32 bots per map, any higher causes CTD's on testing.

Fushe Pass
* 6 Control points added from std 16 player map
* some CP's can bombard others, this can be evil ;)
* Fighter & attack choppers feature in this game
* This ONLY works on single player! I can't isolate the coop bug in the original EA map.
* Extra two artillery added to both sides


* only jeeps on this one, no armour.
* Blackhawk still features for US .
* two control points moved
* one control point added
* action no longer just at at city square at long last.

Dalian Plant
* MEC invades CHINA
* AT Added to top of construction site. Commanding view of north of map
* Commander assets moved to North Docks and Power Plant.
* AT added to cover Chinese commander assets.
* AA added to south docks
* Warehouse CP moved to inside warehouse
* AT added to warehouse CP
* spawn take time on Chinese & MEC primary bases increased to 60 seconds.
* Removed CWIZ from carrier
* Extra two artillery added to both sides

Zatar Wetlands
* MEC/Chinese air units, ground units and soldiers operate under the Chinese flag.
* AA vehicle added to each northern CP
* Third AT added to south CP
* Transport choppers at MEC/China airbase replaced by attack chopper
* Double spawn added to US Fighter at airfield..
* 2 x AT positions added to Central CP having commanding views over northern CP's

* Almost all fog removed
* AT unit added to west approach on top left control point
* transport helo's and attack helo's added
* Static CP's added to both sides of map.
* This seems a far more interesting map now.

Sharqi Peninsula
* Take times of primary CP's increased by ten seconds.
* Apart from above, map is the same as V2


1) Unzip into your   {bf2 dir}\Mods\  directory

so a dir listing of \MODS\ should see...


2) Run INSTALL.BAT located in the   {bf2 dir}\mods\COOP_3.0\  directory to complete installation.

3) run RUN_BF2.BAT in the {bf2 dir}\mods\COOP_3.0\  directory to play the mod.  

You can make a shortcut to the batch file if you like.


with the dedicated server installation itself , remove the following two files from the server's 
COOP_3.0 directory. Keep them in place for the client machines.

- std_archive.md5
- levels.md5

To run dedicated server, run any of the ded server batch files [DED_SERVER_{map name}.BAT] in the COOP_3.0
directory depending on desired map.

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