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With added air assets and two more bots per map (30 to 32), I have stretched the stability boundaries with this mod expecting patch 1.03 to be released by now. Anyhow I dearly hope that 1.03 will fix many needed things so decent COOP play may have a chance. Anyhow please accept profuse apologies for DICE's dodgy coding that we all have to live with that is beyond my control




General Changes
* Tanks given increased armour and more power to it's main gun
* Tank gun velocity increased, look out choppers.
* Artillery now has 7 rounds per bombardment
* CWIZ and Bomber bugs fixed, does not cause CTD anymore.
* Bots using air transport choppers features heavily in a few maps
* Increase ticket counts

Fushe Pass
* Now works in COOP multiplayer
* Fixed faulty bot spawn point at gazebo
* One bomber & one Fighter each side.
* Improved airlift from airfield capability

US light forces airlift in to hold Karkand as best they can.
* US forces have only light troops, no Engineers or AT
* US forces now go in by UH60 airlift only
* No ground vehicles for US
* No artillery
* A few jeeps only for MEC
* MEC home bases relocated
Known Bugs
* At start, some airlifted bots drop off the mesh and die, a small bug but I felt it worth the sacrifice

Dalian Plant
Slightly better emphasis on air power as well as improved ability for any side to recover via airlift capability. * MEC & CHINA vs US
* Bomber aircraft added to both sides
* Extra transport helo given to Chinese

Zatar Wetlands
The battle moves more to the air along with better airlift capability for any side losing badly.
* US carrier now in use, 1 x F15, 3 x UH 60, 1 x UHZ1
* US Airfield is now Chinese airfield but can be captered
* Bomber aircraft added

The fog returns by popular demand.
* V3 map and assets but with fog re-introduced.

Sharqi Peninsula
This is now more of an infantry map then ever before but with just enough vehicles to keep it interesting
* A few ground vehicles removed, only one HT each side and one AAV for china
* AA weapons removed to give attack choppers some survivabilty

Gulf of Oman
* Reworked from the ground up for play balance using as much of the mesh as possible.
The way I now like it, some of everything.
Known Bugs
If all the capturable CP's are taken the game will crash

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