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After a HUGE response to V 1.0, the BF2 COOP mod is back with it's second version. There's quite a few new changes that should improve the...


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After a HUGE response to V 1.0, the BF2 COOP mod is back with it's second version. There's quite a few new changes that should improve the overall gameplay.

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With version one of BF2 coop being more popular than my wildest expectations, it was only fair to bring the usable maps up to their full potential, as well as fix issues and bugs cropping up in version 1.0, well as much as can be done anyhow, no thanks to  EA...


This will be the final version as there is no real further potential for these beyond this point. Adding more features only made the maps badly unstable.

Major differences to V1

Added yet another control point and a Blackhawk to Assault_on_karkand.
Added carrier & airfield spawns to Zetar_wastlands & Dalian_plant.
Bots now spawn at carrier and airfields and actually use the aircraft.
Opened up fog somewhat in karkand and stalemate
COOP Dedicated server functionality is available with this mod.
Tweaked maps to stop bots ignoring vehicles and also to prevent some stupid traffic jams.

CHANGE LOG  for V2 from V1


Add control point south of suburbs "Villa"
Add Blackhawk to US base, located where bots won't steal it.
Move train_accident AA and AT 5 metres west to avoid traffic.
revalue control points to move action west, only a little successful
remove initial ownership by MEC of square, Hotel, villa and suburbs
remove Heavy jeep at suburbs. The bots refuse to use it properly.
reduce fog

Move south_island & south_front APC's so bots will use them
Remove some fog

Add spawn for bots to grab planes on carrier and Chinese airfield
Move China tank so bots will use it
Add AT at north dock where it can bombard control tower point <evil grin>
Move US initial spawn to north dock.

Add spawns to both airbases so bot can grab planes and choppers
Move tanks on both northern points so bots will use them and not run over static positions
Unbury an AT at the US initial spawn (error)
Fix syntax error in strats file

Remove parachute drop spawn points
I couldn't do squat with this. the pathing mesh is TINY!
I hate this map.

Change control point pririty to push bot action westwards
Change control point strategic neighbours to push bot action westwards
It worked.

Remove 2 x heavy jeeps from MEC

add 1 x heavy tank to MEC

No change.
This small land mass with pathing mesh has only so much potential.

My first impressions of these V2 maps:

If the US take the Villa early and humans utilise the chopper, this becomes and interesting "two front" map. most US bots push up the middle but MEC defend the left flanks vigerously once taken by them. This causes constant harrasment on the US left flank. A logistical nightmare for US forces. Think "Blackhawk Down"

Nice to get more APC's being used, same feel, bit more intense.

damn challenging. Has an all round balanced feel to it.

Very mobile, highly mechanised map. lots of everything feel to it. All the heavy armour and transport is north but the two AT guns and AA on the remote south point make it very defensable. The south point AT overseeing a large chunk of map makes it an awesome artillery piece in it's own right to hammer the central area. this forces bots to make south point a priority, which they do. Good to see bots attack vigourously all over the map. Look out for choppers, use your AA.

I just love this. Intence infantry action, feels like a more controlled and tactical variant of Strike_on_karkand.

Flying fun idiot map for light entertainment.

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