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CREDITS Map, Skins by JONES AI/Debugging by EzPiKnZ

FEATURES Custom player-, weaponskins (m4a1, m16a2, mp5, m249saw, p90, barret, g36c, aks74u, l96a1), hidden and mainspawn pickupkits, some custom static textures

DESCRIPTION This map is insprired by two call of duty 4 maps, called "the bog" and "crossfire" in which you will find yourself fighting along the streets of a dusty middle eastern city, if you explore the map you may find some hidden PICKUP KITS but also visible kits at each spawnlocation on every layer of the map!

INSTALLATION copy the "Crossfire" folder to your "/Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels/" directory

NOTE If you want to use this map and/or content of it for your mod please ask me for premission first, you can throw me in a pm at


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