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This is the =DaM= Map Pack V1. All Maps created by Anihilater. There will be more and as more are added or updated I will upload the new versions as well. So keep checking back. These maps are ALL forest type maps no urban maps. Mountain Stronghold is the only one that has vehicles the rest are infantry only. There are NO UAVs or Scans on any of the maps and Stronghold is the only one with arty. I made it this way so you actually have to find people with your eyes just like in real life. 

All of these Maps are in rotation on the =DaM= Custom Map Server 

Come check them out and have fun. Creekbed Standoff has special rules that I did not program into the map because I want you to be able to play it however you want but on our server we usually play Snipers Only NO Crossing the creekbed. You can however take and defend the center base in the middle of the creekbed. 

I hope you all enjoy these maps. Please feel free to join our forums at http://www.damclan.us and post comments in the Mappers Forum under the appropriate map thread. 


Simple Unzip the zip file the click on the EXE file to install the maps automatically.

You may Modify these maps however you like without prior authorization just please give me a footnote in your credits. 

Contact Info:

pat_getchell AT comcast DOT net

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