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This mod adjusts the firearms handling, rate of fire, accuracy, and damages of the firearms for both sides in the demo. [May also work on re...


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File Description

This mod adjusts the firearms handling, rate of fire, accuracy, and damages of the firearms for both sides in the demo. [May also work on retail BF2].

Feature Changes:

Handling: - Accuracy crosshair expands only for movement, while the aimpoint moves when firing to simulate recoil. This retains the weapons inherit accuracy at all times, and requires the player to control the weapon during firing. Doing so simulates the realistic handling of weapons, and rewards skilled players.

Rate of fire: - The AK101, AKs74u, Bizon, and RPK have been given their real ROF of 600rpm.

Accuracy: - The M16A2 and AK101 are highly accurate assault rifles. Equally, the M249 is quite accurate iRL, although not as much as the M16A2. Real-world accuracies are not reflected in the demo, so all weapon accuracies have been adjusted.

- Some weapons, especially sniper weapons were recieving massive accuracy bonuses for using iron sights / scopes. While this is very important, the amount of accuracy bonus was so high that one could fire highly accurate shots while standing. Adjustments have been made which requires both a stable firing position and iron sights / scope to reach an effective level of weapon accuracy.

- The accuracy crosshair has been significantly expanded to make it difficult to judge the weapon's aimpoint when not using ironsights, but still allowing feedback on how movement affects accuracy. Keep in mind that the wide crosshair does not mean your firing cone will be immensely wide.

Damages: - C4 damage to heavy tanks has been reduced, as a block of C4 is simply not able to blow up a MBT like it does in the demo. Multiple C4 charges are capable of disabling the tank, however, as a compromise to gameplay.

- Bullet damages have been increased to reflect the real lethality bullets have when they are shot into people. It should no longer require half a clip to kill a person when using assault rifles and machineguns. Small caliber rounds remain least effective when fired at the body-armored chest section.

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Download '' (19.81MB)

The zip file contains the following two files:

These are stored in the path:

To install this mod, you will be overwriting the two original files with these two files. Therefore saving the originals in a backup folder is suggested.

THe files are to be placed in your battlefield2/mods/bf2/ directory. There you will see a series of .zip files, two of which match the contents of this mod. Simply replace them with the two provided in this .zip and you will have a modded BF2. 

Run BF2 normally, and the changes will be in effect.


BF2 allows for server-side mods which all clients may join the server without modded files and play the modded version. However, some changes translate better than others. 

In the case of this mod, clients should also be running the modded files, as not all the changes are translated from server to client when the client has only original files.

This poses a problem, however. Punkbuster is not set to allow clients to use modded files, even when they match the server's. WHen you connect to the server with these modded files installed, you will recieve a message saying "this server does not allow clients with modified installations to join." So file verification / punkbuster must be turned off at the server for people to join.

Until BF2 is fully ready for mod support, the punkbuster issue will remain a problem I suppose.

At the very worst, you will not be able to play multiplayer and will have to enjoy the changes in single player mode. I hope this is not the case and there is a way to disable verification checks, or to allow clients whose modded files match the server's to join.

- Note that this mod affects only firearms carried by soldiers. Vehicle and stationary firearms have yet to be modified.

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