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Client Files for Desert Conflict. For more information on the mod, visit the Desert Conflict Wiki Page or

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Download 'dcon_v0.15b.exe' (797.04MB)

------ Change Log v0.10 - v0.15 ----------------
-------- As of 19-Jul-07 -----------------------

- statics:
	* many statics re-exported/lower poly counts
	* fixed soldier cols: repairbuilding
	* fixed soldier cols: africa smdh2

- soldiers:
	* jump height reduced
	* prone-delay-after-jump

- sounds:
           * New Iraqi voices filtered and unfiltered
           * New AK47 1p and 3p fire sounds
           * New M16A2 1p and 3p fire sounds
           * New M249 SAW 1p and 3p fire sounds
           * New RPG7 1p and 3p Fire sounds
           * New CAR15 1p and 3p fire sounds
           * CH53 Helicopter sounds
           * New map loading music (one new song)
           * New AC130 40mm gun sounds, 105mm gun sounds, 
              and  Engine tweaks
           * New  A10 1p and 3p fire sounds and Engine tweaks
           * New airplane ambiance loops (lowered volumes)
           * Fixed BMP2 sounds 

- hangar: repair radius and speed slightly increased

- textures: many vehicle textures resized to proper bf2 limits

- vehicles:
	* added ch53
	* toyota technicals: added recoilless and 50 cal types
	* removed mx technicals (cant find CTD cause)
	* brdm spandrel version added
- mirage: - (model changed)
      * fixed pulling down
      * dumby missile rotations
      * increased cannon damage

- physics updates for all planes
	* adjusted engines
	* adjusted handling
	* removed tracking/lock alerts sounds
	* reduced warning rage from 375 to 200 
	* reduced proximity 
	* removed accelerations on missiles, faster launch speed
	* client prediction on missiles
	* reduced afterburn time

- a10 & su25:
    - cannon slower overheat

- t90, m1a1: autoUseAbility 0
	* removed tank to tank repair
	* increased m1/t90 shell drop
	* faster reload for main barrel
	* adjusted forward and reverse speeds
	* less cannon recoil

- updated many vehicle spawn times to match DC:

- fixed vehicle exits:
	* brdm - wall hack

- bmp2 & bradley:
	* speeds adjusted
	* removed repair ability

- apache: increased gunner damage

- made copies of mlrs, bm21 and scud for smm's:

- vehicle arty spotting hud: added to brdm (both versions)

- increased spawn times for arty vehicles

- zpu4: nerfed a bit

- c4: nerfed a bit

- new maps:
    - desert sabre - kiff
    - desert conflict (name pending) - kiff
    - nuclear power plant - tga harry
    - close quarters - tga harry

- lag fixes: El Alamein, Desert Shield

- mosul:
	* made apt complex neutral at round start for cq/16/32 and obj/32
	* removed fence of death

- tweaked handweapons for recoil, deviations and damage:
	* rif m203, gp25
	* ak47, m16 
	* car-15
	* m82a1
	* rpg, smaw
	* remington, saiga
	* pkm, saw

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