Divided City

dividedcity2.0botsupport.zip —


Here's version 2.0 of the map Divided City created by JONES<>. This one has single player support for all you dial up users out there!




Mapper: JONES<<IFC>>
Website: www.ifc.de.hm

Thank you all for downloading my new map DIVIDED CITY, this map
is based on the first map which was made for battlefield 2.
As the map never came into the game i decide to remap it since
the map have a realy nice city layout.

This is V2.0 of Divided_City if you already downloaded my old map
be sure you delt the old map and copy the new one into your level-

Fixes in V2.0: -added singleplayer support
               -added new controlpoint "powerplant" (thanks to
                clivewil for the idea)
               -changed the tankpossition of the MEC maibase in SP
               -fixed terrainexploit at the bridgestairs
               -delted the civilcar pickup because the game CTD
                after using it in SP

Installation: copy the "Divided_City" folder to your
              "Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels" directory

Big thanks to http://bfeditor.gotfrag.com/forums/

Also many thanks to
and clivewil for singleplayersupport!

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