Driver controlled Browning Coaxial Gun

This singleplayer mini mod allows you to operate a mounted machine gun while driving the Desert patrol vehicle.


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This singleplayer mini mod allows you to operate a mounted machine gun while driving the Desert patrol vehicle.

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Driver controlled Browning Coaxial Gun or (DCBMG) Mod.
For the Battlefield 2 Desert Patrol Vehicle"


  This is a Driver controlled Browning coaxial gun for the "DPV".In short it lets the driver have the same right click machine gun as a tank driver has.I am using this mod for single player but it is simple to make and implement.I can see no reason why it would not work on multiplayer as well. 

As always be careful to make backups of your Battlefield 2 Files.Extract the "DCBMG" mod to a folder of your choice.Navigate to your Battlefield 2 Root directory. For most of you this will be "C:\Program FIle\EA Games\Battlefield 2". In the root directory you will see a folder called "mods". Enter the "mods" and make a new folder called "DCBMG". Now,still in the "mods" directory enter the "bf2" folder and copy the entire contents of the "bf2" folder into the new folder you created called "DCBMG".Once thats complete enter the "DCBMG" folder. Look for a file called "Objestc server"."Objects server is a .zip file and needs to be viewed in Winzip or Winrar. Google them. Double click "Objects server" and then click "add to archive". Navigate to the "DCBMG" mod you extracted earlier. Add the "Vehicles" directory and then click save and exit the zip program. Now the final step. Creat a new shortcut to the "BF2.exe" in your Battlefield 2 root directory. Rename the shortucut whatever you like and then right click it and choose properties. In the "Target" box after the "BF2.exe" part add "+modPath mods/DCBMG". It should look something like this "c:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe +modPath mods/DCBMG" .Minus the quotes. Now all you have to do is double click the shortcut you made and Battlefield 2 will launch and the mod will be implemented...

Authors Note:
If you open the "JEEP_FAAV.tweak" In notepad you should easily be able to see the section of code I altered. It has double space gaps around it. This could easily be added to all the other vehicles in the game. And maybe even some that are not. Like the Dirt Bike mod. Guess I know what mod I am making next.

Fell free to use this mod in any ways shape or form.If you have any question or comments you can contact me at


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