Eastern Conflict

A nice looking mod from a new developer. This mod looks promising.


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A nice looking mod from a new developer. This mod looks promising.

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Download 'eastern_conflict_mod.zip' (103.69MB)

----Eastern Conflict----
by: Tri-Tard, PenguinGeneral

This is my first real mod for BF2 and I think I have done quite well. This is
just the first release of EC. Please contact me about improvements that you
think should be made to the mod.

Eastern Conflict is set in the eastern parts of Europe and the western parts of
Asia including the Middle East. The western powers are fighting to stop the
land hungry Russian army and their alli, China.

Extract ECM.zip to your bf2 mods directory. copy the EC shortcut to
desktop, and enjoy!

SImply delete the Russians folder from your bf2 mods directory


-no known bugs or errors, if you find one, email me. contact info at bottom of

---change log---


-weapon power incresed
-amount of ammo incresed
-added m82a1 sniper rifle (thanks to kysterma)
-MP5 is now silenced


-all kits now have grenades
-at kits have anti-tank mines
-snipers with bolt action rifles use a sub-machine gun as secondary
-US and Chinese Spec ops kits use shotguns as secondary weapons
-snipers have c4
-engineers have c4
-all kits modified in some way


-MEC army changed to Russian army
-added: France
-added: US Army

(custom skins by PenguinGeneral)

-US Army skins
	-6 color desert
	-woodland camo (not digital)
-Russia army skins
-Russia vehicles
-France woodland camo


-following maps are in 16,32,64 and SP supported
-Strike at Karkand
-Mashtuur City
-Daqing Oilfields
-Shongua Stalemate
-ai support by PenguinGeneral

-you can add any map to this mod, even maps with the EU faction.

---Contact and legal stuff---

Do not you use content from this mod without my permisson. 

contact me (Tri-Tard) at [email protected] or visit my webpage:

PenguinGeneral: homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/penguingeneral/

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