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Djukel has been busy creating this little mini-mod for us today. If you chose to install this mod, you will find changes such as longer lasting wrecked vehicles, various burn and smoke effects, and bigger weapon explosions. For a full list of changes, please see the Readme.

I hope to see more from Djukel with the continuation of this mini-mod.



This is my first beta modification for BF2

This mod makes land vehicles allways:

- to destroyed with explosion effects when gets the deadly hit

- wreck stays on ground for a long time

- wreck has different size of burn end smoke effects depend on vehicle's type

- exploded wreck has bigger and loger smoke effects

Some weapon explosion also tweaked:

- smoke of greade explosion stay longer

- tank shell/rocket explosion has bigger effect


put the Objects_enhanced.zip in this directory: EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 (don't extract it!!!)

then open the ServerArchives.con files and put this line:

fileManager.mountArchive Objects_enhanced.zip Objects

like this:

fileManager.mountArchive Objects_enhanced.zip Objects
fileManager.mountArchive Objects_server.zip Objects
fileManager.mountArchive Menu_server.zip Menu
fileManager.mountArchive Common_server.zip Common

that's it

to play without this mod just remove this line.

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