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This was a mod we got sent, about 60 times. It is pretty simple. In this version though he has "enhanced" the explosion effects of everything. Must say, it does look cool but not my taste cool. If were to go get enhanced effects, I would find a realism mod. But very nice work at that.



Enhanced effect version 2.0 by Djukel

changelist version 1.0

This mod makes land vehicles allways:
- to destroyed with explosion effects when gets the deadly hit
- wreck stays on ground for a long time
- wreck has different size of burn end smoke effects depend on vehicle's type
- exploded wreck has bigger and loger smoke effects
Some weapon explosion also tweaked:
- smoke of greade explosion stay longer
- tank shell/rocket explosion has bigger effect
changelist version 2.0
- added bigger explosion effect for vehicles (firefingers, smokefingers, small wrecksparts)
- added different smokecolor for wrecks (white, grey, black)
- some vehicleparts (wheels, doors, shields) also stay on ground for a long time
- c4 explosion effect tweaked
- tank shell/rocket explosion effect tweaked
- added blood effect
- added bleeding effect (hp lost at high damage level)
- dead bodies stay longer
- smoketrail of grenadelauncher removed
- smoketrail of artillery removed
- machinegunners attacks helicopters
- helicopters attacks helicopters
- nametag removed (optional)
- chat text removed (optional)
- some vehicle armor and missile speed changed
- new tankmaingun sounds
- new tankmachinegun sounds
- new c4 explosion sounds
- tweaked vehicle explosion sounds
- new tow/missile sounds
- new cannonsounds for aircraft
- new pain sounds
- impact sounds tweaked
before installing make a backup of following files listed in EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 directory
- ClientArchives.con
- ServerArchives.con
- GameLogicInit.con

after this copy the following files from this zip
- ClientArchives.con
- ServerArchives.con
- GameLogicInit.con
- Common_mineclient.zip
- Common_mineserver.zip
- Menu_mineserver.zip
- Objects_mineclient.zip
- Objects_mineserver.zip
into EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 directory.

To play without this mod just delete these 8 files and copy 3 backup files to EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 directory.
Restoring optional changes:
- nametag: if you want to see nametag again delete these line in GameLogicInit.con file -> renderer.drawNameTags 0
- chat text: if you want to see chat text again delete Menu_mineserver.zip file

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