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Djukel has released version 3.0 of his mini-mod, Enhanced Effects. Check the readme for all the goods.



Enhanced effects version 3.0 by Djukel

changelist version 1.0

This mod makes land vehicles allways:

- to destroyed with explosion effects when gets the deadly hit

- wreck stays on ground for a long time

- wreck has different size of burn end smoke effects depend on vehicle's type

- exploded wreck has bigger and loger smoke effects

Some weapon explosion also tweaked:

- smoke of greade explosion stay longer

- tankshell/rocket explosion has bigger effect

changelist version 2.0


- added bigger explosion effect for vehicles (firefingers, smokefingers, small wrecksparts)

- added different smokecolor for wrecks (white, grey, black)

- some vehicleparts (wheels, doors, shields) also stay on ground for a long time

- c4 explosion effect tweaked

- tankshell/rocket explosion effect tweaked

- added blood effect

- added bleeding effect (hp lost at high damage level)

- dead bodies stay longer

- smoketrail of grenadelauncher removed

- smoketrail of artillery removed


- machinegunners attacks helicopters

- helicopters attacks helicopters

- nametag removed (optional)

- chat text removed (optional)

- some vehicle armor and missile speed changed


- new tankmaingun sounds

- new tankmachinegun sounds

- new c4 explosion sounds

- tweaked vehicle explosion sounds

- new tow/missile sounds

- new cannonsounds for aircraft

- new pain sounds

- impact sounds tweaked

changelist version 3.0


- added more debris to tankshell/rocket explosion

- added blastwave effect to Tank/APC/AA vehicle explosion

- added new damage smoke to Tank/APC/AA vehicle

- vehicleparts of Tank/APC/AA vehicle also stay on ground for a long time


- exploded wrecks cause less damage

- speed of turretmovement reduced for all vehicles

- hit indicator removed (optional)


- added sounds to flying tankshell projectile

- added outdoor effect to tankshell/rocket explosions

- added new "body fall to ground" sounds

- fixed cannonsound for helicopters

before installing make a backup of following files listed in EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 directory

- ClientArchives.con
- ServerArchives.con
- GameLogicInit.con

after this copy the following files from this zip

- ClientArchives.con
- ServerArchives.con
- GameLogicInit.con
- Common_mineclient.zip
- Common_mineserver.zip
- Menu_mineserver.zip
- Objects_mineclient.zip
- Objects_mineserver.zip

into EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 directory.

To play without this mod just delete these 8 files and copy 3 backup files to EA GAMES/battlefield 2/Mods/bf2 directory.

Restoring optional changes:

- nametag: if you want to see nametag again delete these line in GameLogicInit.con file -> renderer.drawNameTags 0

- chat text: if you want to see chat text again delete HudElementsChat.con in Menu_mineserver.zip file

- hit indicator: if you want to see hit indicator again delete HudElementsHit.con in Menu_mineserver.zip file

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[email protected]

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