EoD 2 Client & Server Hotfix



This is  the Hotfix for Battlefield 2's  client and  server files  for Eve of Destructions v2

This was missing from your files and is required for the proper running of the modification.  Thankfully I backed this up a decade ago onto disk.



No read me.


2 years ago

The hotfix   sorts out some issues with weapons. Just unpack the  zipped file then add it to  the folder  containing your battlefield 2 folder.  The hotfix is specifically for the Objects folder that is found inside the Battlefield 2/Mod/eod/ folder and should overwrite the original  weapons_server.zip file.  

I added a few images of   some of the 40 plus maps included in the map pack (eod_v2.0_levels.exe)  together with at least one in game screen capture of each of those maps  (Can Tho City, Purple Haze, Gia Dinh City and Truog Sun Chasm).  I chose them at random and are not necessarily the best maps available for the mod. Purple Haze is very dark and more often than not, you are dead before you see the Vietcong, though there's lots of tracer fire.    The  32 player version of Tuy Hoa Airport map is one of my favourite's.

There are some maps represented by  all three sizes, though a few do crash for example the 16 player version of Que Son Valley and the  64 player version of Tuy Hoa Airport crashes, but the 32 and 16 player versions work fine.      Most maps work.

There are other maps available for this mod as well; for example,  Gamer_Flash has recently (2020 to 2021 released several EoD v2 maps and there are others available  as well if you   search via Google to find them.    I'll ask Gamer_Flash's permission to upload them here if it's possible (he's a Steam friend). I believe some  sites have  a rule that they hold exclusive rights to particular maps, so I'm not sure if I would be allowed to upload them here; which would be a pity.

If you enjoy this  mod, the  developer of the mod has released a stand alone version of it on Steam called Eve of Destruction - Redux Vietnam  that you can find  via the following link:


It has a mixed reception from the  Steam community, but personally I love it. It was   created by  the original developer  solo   over many years from the 1942 mod  (working as a team), until  the final version working alone.