This is a mod for people who do not have Euro Force but want to experience its effects by replacing the US with EU forces. This version repl...


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This is a mod for people who do not have Euro Force but want to experience its effects by replacing the US with EU forces. This version replaces weapons and skins along with menu items.

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EU forces .5 beta read me
mod done by:

the goal of this mod is to give people who dont have BF2 Euro Force as much of it as possable without breaking any copyright laws:). THIS MOD IS LEGAL(i checked dont worry). i didnt copy anything from euro force. i used what EA gave us in the 1.22 patch. it also works with the 1.3 patch, it probly work with the beta 1.4. YOU DONT NEED EURO FORCE EXPANSION PACK to play this mod!! this is a beta,  i will make a 1.0 soon but i need help. i need people who know how to make models. i want to make euro vehicles(choppers, planes, tanks ect...) i also need testers so if you can help me send me an email at [email protected]


-anything that said USMC, America or US has been changed to Europe or EU (this includes the text on the map briefing screen on vinnla BF2 maps)
-given euroforce wepons
-euroforce soldier skins
-changed skins on light jeep, humvee, and US apc
-trailer and radar skins have euro flag
-basicaly anywhere there was a us flag there is now the eu flag EXCEPT on the map loading screens
-you still have US vehicles though.
-BF2 version 1.22 or higher

1) extract the folder EU_Forces to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods 

2) once youv done that open the file you just extracted and drag the shortcut named "EU Forces" to your desktop.( you wont be able to use the shortcut if you installed bf2 to a diffrent folder than C:\Program Files\EA Games)  

3) go into your C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\levels folder and copy all the maps u want and paste them in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\EU_Forces\levels .and ur good to go   

either double click on the shortcut or launch bf2 as you normally would, log in, go to community, then custom games. select EU Force from the list and then click activate mod, then click yes when a message comes up.

delete the file "EU_Forces" and the shortcut on ur desktop

-if you dont have atleast patch 1.22 it will crash...
no MP support yet but it might work. 
problems? bugs? email me: [email protected]

while i had no problems i am not responable for any damage that this file might do to your game, or computer. you choose to download this.

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