Euro Force

efw.rar —


Essentially this lets your preview all the Euro Force weapons, before the game is released. When EA released the patch 1.2, they included all the files for Euro Force, thus making you able to use them. And well, Bloody_Eye has does just that in this mod. It turned out a keeper on my list.



It turns out that as of 1.2, all the weapon files for Euroforces are embeded in the files; I simply gave them to the US. Only works in Single-player. ;)

Extract to your BF2/Mods Directory.

Run Battlefield 2 and choose the EFW mod under the community/activate mods folder. Play on a U.S. team to spawn with Euro Forces weapons.

Mod by Bloody_Eye. Look for The Field Manual at www.thefieldmanual.com, an extremely comprehensive Battlefield 2 Strategy Site which will be coming around march 20th!



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